Thursday, 27 December 2012

Happy Wedding, Imma and Uni! :)

Hello, Dolls!

How are you? It has been a really long time since my last post. Life has been so busy these days. All the works have to be done and its report should be submitted before the end of this year. Seems like my work life would be an extraordinary busier on the last semester of the year forward. 

The business routine takes me nowhere but my office (and its trip to some cities). I have no time to create new paper quilling works for about this past three months. It is sad, seriously. I am longing to make new stuff, I bought some new papers, but I do not have enough time to even make one. Even though I did not make any new paper quilling works these days but I make some others in previous months and I did not post it yet. Here I will share it to you. Pardon the bad photography quality. I shot it by my self using camera phone, so that the quality is quite low. :(

This paper quilling work was an order from a post-graduate student in our campus. He ordered a wedding greeting for his sister that also could be used as a hanging wall decoration. I received this order in September and done it for only 2-3 days while working my works on campus.

He said he came from Makassar (South Sulawesi Province) and hardly looking for paper quilling crafter in Jogja to make the wedding greeting for his sister, Imma. Imma is a paper quilling crafter in Makassar. She loves paper quilling and already create some paper quilling works there. Talking about the order, he ask that the greeting must be made in orange and stated the name, date, and greeting for the newly wed couple. Based on the request, I made lettering paper quilling and here it goes! (I am telling you, the photo quality are low. Really sorry).

I hope they will be happy receive this gift. Happy wedding, Imma&Uni. May all the goodness, happiness, and prosperity be with your family. :)

Syaifa Tania

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lovely Lue Bonus and Quick Giveaway

Hello, Dolls.

It is seriously a simple and brief post. I just arrive from Jakarta few days a go and the works are extra ordinary hectic. Here, I share Lovely Lue bonus giveaway that you all dolls can join. Just click this link and follow all the rule. She only choose one lucky winner.

Anyway, I want to say congratulations for her newborn baby boy, Mason Ray Lee Lyon. I saw his photo and he is adorable. I wish him to be a great person who is surrounded by goodness and happiness. May all the bless be with their family.

Syaifa Tania

Monday, 29 October 2012

Lovely Lue Birthday Giveaway! :D

Hello, Dolls!

Its been a long long looong time I did not write any. Seriously, I have to beg for your apologize because I did not even write any and truth is I am so busy, truly busy until I don't think I can even move. :(

This month, our office is holding an event named Festival Kreatifa 2012. This is a creative advertising festival consist of some related programs such as advertising competition for students, advertising&enterpreneurship conference, social media management and branding workshop, advertising exhibition, also awarding night. We are collaborating with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economics to hold the event and seriously we are sooooo busy.

Besides holding Festival Kreatifa 2012, we also collaborate in a fiction publication mapping which is held on 12 cities around Indonesia. I just get back from Surabaya, East Java last week to host the event. Previously, already held in Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Denpasar. This week, we will hold the event on Padang and will be scheduled on the next other cities. Besides holding those events, I currently writing a research journal and to be honest all of the works are taking a lot of my times and energy so that I didn't make much paper quilling works these days. :(

Truth is, I actually making some new stuffs but too bad I didn't copy the file from Dhidha's camera yet so that I couldn't post anything new. Well, I made some paper quilling works these days and I promise to upload it soon.

Well, today I am going to share another giveaway from our dear pretty dolls, Lovely Lue. Yes, she is holding a giveaway again! Yeay, I still remember how happy I was when she wrote about my winning on her previous giveaway, yeay! When I receive the gift, I am so surprised because all the gifts are so pretty and adorable. I couldn't ask for more because I love all the stuffs she gave. The Lioele BB Cream are so adorable, either the Etude nail polishes. And now she is coming back hosting a giveaway for her birthday! :D

Kind a little different than her previous giveaway, in this time Lulu is not only give the opportunity to choose the gift we like but also ask us to create and/or write something about the gift we choose. She gives us three options about the gift. The first one is bird nest (sarang walet), the second one is Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette, and the last but surely never least craft equipment. Sounds delicious, right? :D

If she usually ask us to write down about the giveaway and tell one or two about her blog, now she also challenges us to create something about the gift we choose! :D

She lets us to choose which gift we love the most then we have to accept her challenge. If you choose the first give then you have to write down the reason why do you follow her blog, why do you choose the gift, and write down your ideas about bird nest. Either with the other two gifts, she asks us to write down the reason why do you follow her blog, why do you choose the gift, and create a cat eye look (if you choose the NAKED 1 Palette) or post your DIY craft creations (if you choose the Craft Equipment). For detail information you can easily check it out in her pretty blog

And yes, I am joining her giveaway with this blog. Related to the gifts, I choose the third one, Craft Equipment! Sure, I love crafting and this gift is extremely tempting! :p

(Lovely Lue Birthday Giveaway)
Well, here we go. I choose the third give and I am going to start all her questions. First, she asked why do I follow her blog? Simply, because her blog is inspirational and awesome! I am not lying, her blog is so pretty. I love the layout design, I love the pictures she posts, and above it all I love her blog's content. She shares a lot about beauty and make up, DIY craft, tips, and some of her personal life. Truth is, she is inspirational. I personally a big fan of craft and she gorgeously can creates a lot of craft works and kindly share it to us. I love her tips and tutorial and I love her creativity. I definitely agree about her words that creativity is no limit. She is totally right and true! :D

Talking about her blog and the reason why do I follow her blog also lead us to the next question, why do I choose this gift? Well, because I love crafting and her gift offer are soooo gorgeous! The pearls and roses are extremely tempting. I think if I get this gift and I have enough free time I could not stop crafting! :p I am a big fan of her craft works. I admire and respect her works when she makes something simple transform to be a really pretty works. You can see it directly on her works when she turns the simple box to be a gorgeous multi function storage, from newspaper to be a car accessories, ribbons to be a pretty door accessories, paper to be a pretty cosmetic storage, and so on! Seriously, you wouldn't be able to stop. :p

Well, talking about her craft equipment, when I was winning her first giveaway, she sent me a box covered with pretty golden ribbon. When I touch the ribbon, the material is a really fine one. It is smooth and unlike other ribbon that is having different textures in its two sides, Lulu's ribbon is having a really good quality and smooth textures on both sides. I was so curious where to get the same ribbon as hers. I went to some gift shops and found out only one ribbon available. The shopkeeper told me that the ribbon isn't sold in Jogja and she has to import it from Surabaya. I don't have to think further to buy some and I love the ribbon so much! Thank you, Lulu for introducing me to this pretty ribbon! :)

As I said previously, Lulu is challenging us to share/post some of our DIY craft creations. Too bad I did not share any new works but here I still share some of my paper quilling cards and flower wreath to be the entry of this giveaway. :D

I don't know whether I will have the opportunity of winning again or not but I love to try. Wish me luck, dolls! :D

Last but surely not least, I am going to say Happy Birthday, Lulu. You are a really inspirational&nice person, thank you for sharing all the goodness and wish you all the healthy pregnancy&easy deliver. And also, I wish you all the goodness and happiness. :)

Syaifa Tania

Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma
Photographed by Lulu Putri Wijaya

Friday, 17 August 2012

Lulu's Giveaway Part II: Announcement! :)

Hello, dolls!

Today is the last day of fasting and tomorrow we will have eid al fitr (in Bahasa Indonesia we called it Idul Fitri or mostly known as Lebaran). This is the holy day for moslem and since my country is dominated with moslem (but still I love the multiculturalism we have and how we appreciate others who have different religion and/or beliefs with us) the routine before the day is so hectic. Many people will go back to their hometown (we called it with "mudik"), meet up with their big family, and preparing eid al fitr. Usually kids will buy new stuff (mostly fashion items), while mothers will bake or prepare some cakes and foods. The "must serve" cakes are nastar -cake filled with jam, mostly pineapple jam- and kastengel -cheesy cake-, while the "must serve" foods are opor ayam -chicken braised with coconut milk-, and ketupat -packed rice-. When the day comes, people will go to the mosque to have pray, meet up with family, relatives, and their neighbors asking for their apologize, and the kids will have "money tip" -things like angpao in Chinese"- from the older family. Since the eid al fitr is a big day here and many people go back in their hometown so the traffic is almost getting you all crazy. This is a special moment so people wouldn't mind to get stuck in traffic for hours just to meet up with their family.

Some companies use this moment to make some brand activation and CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities to get in touch with their customers. Mostly, people who run business in automotive industry will be busy holding some activities like building rest areas, holding "mudik" events for their employees and/or loyal customer, etc. Since my man is currently working in an international automotive industry, he will be super busy holding the events.

Oh ya, yesterday was the day of our independence day. After being colonized for about 353.5 years, we finally free and yesterday we celebrate our 67th years of freedom. We have two national ceremony, in the morning to turn up the flag and in the afternoon to turn down the flag. I personally join two ceremonies, in the morning I participate in digital ceremony (this is unofficial ceremony, held digitally so that people around the world could participate) and national ceremony in Presidential Palace in the afternoon. The most interesting part of the ceremony was that the flag will be turned up by "Paskibraka" who are consist of  selected senior high school students from all around Indonesia. My man was a commandant of Paskibraka in 2006 and currently his sister belongs to Paskibraka this year. This is sooo exciting! :)

Well, I guess things I said is not telling you yet about the title of this post. LOL! Okay, jumping to the topic. Few days ago I post about Lulu's Giveaway Part II and thank God I got lucky of winning one, again! :D

She choose about 30 finalists selected then she picks the winner randomly to keep her objectivity. Thank God I got lucky to win one of the gift. Here they are! :D
(the gift I will receive form Lulu's giveaway. Consist of Victoria's Secret make up pouch, Etude nail polish, shimmer, Lioele BB, Lioele Whitening&Wrinkle. Can't wait to receive it! :D )
This is my second time of winning her giveaway. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity of winning. She is so generous! She inspires me a lot especially with her handmade craft and accessories. If we live in a same city perhaps I will learn a lot of make-up tips from her. I hope she will held any giveaway again so that everyone can join and may have the opportunity of winning. :D

Anyway, I am currently joining August Challenge in Mbak Dwita's Facebook. I joined the July Challenge last month and I already received the goodies she sent. I will post and share more about it on my next post while waiting my man to have a way more relax time so that he can shoot it in good angles. :)

Stay inspiring and keep on sharing goodness, dolls! I'm sending all my best wishes for your eid al fitr day and I am sorry for all the mistakes I did.

Syaifa Tania

Photo by Lulu Putri Wijaya

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Flower Meets Pearl

Hello, Dolls!

Life has been so busy these days. I finally finished some of my research works so that I can back on this blog to share my new creation. I actually made it last month but since this is an entry for a challenge therefore I am just being able to publish it now.

I made a simple card with three quilling flowers and four golden pearls. Too bad I did not glue the pearls precisely so that there is a pearl in sideways. :(

I cover the card with broken white tatami paper. You can said that tatami paper is my favorite paper. I love the texture and color. Previously I made lot of cards with tatami paper, one of them is when I made a birthday card for my man's mother last January.

Talking about this card, I love the quilled flowers. I used 3mm paper strip (80gs) in purple and ivory, make some eye and half moon shaped then combine it into petals. I add a dark brown manila paper punch-out border for the under-side layer. I also add four golden pearls on the right side of the card. These days I really love to combine my quilled creations with pearls. Guess I need to buy more pearls to be put on my cards. :p

Well, dolls I think it's enough for today. I need to wake up earlier tomorrow for fasting -and off course I have to go to my office tomorrow- so I need to catch my bed super soon. Oh ya, does the picture looks pretty? Haha no wonder, my man did the shoot so that the pictures are beautiful. If I did the shoot, no wonder it would be much uglier. LOL!

I will see you on my next post. Perhaps I will share about my handmade graduation photo album -still in tatami paper and quilled creations-. Until then, have a good day and keep on sharing all the goodness! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Cards Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Friday, 27 July 2012

Lovely Lue Giveaway: Part II

Hello, Dolls!
How are you? Been a long long long time I did not post anything. Pardon my super busy schedule, I currently doing some research project that is super exhausting and taking my time a lot so that I can not quill as much as before. Anyway, I love my job as a researcher as well as I love crafting some paper quilling projects.

Well, today I drop by to share a really good news from our dear fellow, Lulu who is currently holding an interesting giveaway for us, dolls. Previously, she already held a similar giveaway and thank God I got lucky to have the opportunity of winning one. Too bad there was an error occurred on the site so that there was a little complication happened but we definitely okay and found out that there was only a technical problem issue. Lulu is a very nice one, she kindly shares her expertise about make-up in her blog (and also her personal life that could make every girl in this world get jealous on her, LOL!) and previously I ever talk with her in facebook discussing about some make-up technique. She really a good one, she answers all my questions clearly and nicely so that the solution is crystal clear for me. :D
I personally start reading her blog on March 17, 2012 (Eps 18) when she held her first giveaway. I knew her blog from a friend who I followed and she shared about Lulu's giveaway in her blog. My friend's post update appeared on my blog's dashboard and Lulu's giveaway photos was totally caught my attention. I love the composition of the photos and the angle of the shoot either (no doubt about it, I recently knew from Lulu's facebook bio that she was learning photograph in her college life so that no surprise she could take a lot of good picts. I seriously mean it, dolls) so I decided to open Lulu's blog and seriously it surprises me that the blog is awesome. It still fresh in my mind that it was almost midnight when I firstly read her blog and I could not get enough, I could not stop. I read her previous posts about her make-up tips, information, personal life, and DIY crafting project. Sounds like I am stalker huh? LOL! But seriously, once you read her blog I am not sure that you can stop.

Okay, jumping back to the topic. Lulu is currently holding a giveaway for her blog followers and non-blog friends. Wohooo, she is adorable and a nice one, isn't she? yes, I told you, dolls! :D
So, Lulu is making giveaway for five winners who are her blog followers and four others for friends who has no blog but dropping by to read or kindly leave comments on her post. NINE lucky winners, baby! Oh my God it is a big number of winner, seems like she wants to please everybody by making a bigger opportunity for every friends to win her interesting gifts. Seriously the gift are extremely interesting and I have no idea what would the winner will feel if she ever wins them. There are lot of prizes. Okay, I repeat once more A LOT of prizes, and I seriously mean it when I say it. Well, here I told you about her giveaway prizes for blog followers:

1. Skin Care and Make-Up Set from Estee Lauder
I am totally speechless. It definitely interesting and I guess everyone want to own it. It consists of moisture rich foaming cleanser, wrinkle reducing&anti wrinkle creme, eye shadow, lipstick, body cream&regard divin divine eyes from L'occitane. Sounds interesting? Yes, it definitely does.
2. A box of make-up mix with pretty accesories
Another speechless, the gift are interesting either. She kindly gives Victoria Secret eye shadow, Etude nail polishes, mascara from Benefit, Urban Decay lipgloss, SkinFood over powder glitter, PM&Elise fake eyeshadow, nail stickers, Revlon nail polish, Benefit girls meets pearl, rings and bracelet. Oh my God, they are totally pretty because it packed on a pretty box handmade by her self. Seriously I almost lost my words to tell you how excited I am writing this post.
3. NYX Book of Eye Shadow in 112 Gorgeous Shades
This is pretty, sooooo pretty! I wish this is the kind of book that I have to read when I was in school, LOL! Seriously, there so many colors so that you can create make-up experiments as much as you want!

4. A pouch of mix make-up
Another speechless and this is nice! She kindly give a Victoria Secret make-up pouch, Etude nail polish, shimmer, Lioele BB, Whitening&Wrinkle Lioele. It is a simple but gorgeous kit to bring in everywhere.

5. Mascara and accessories
Last but not least, simpler but cute! She gives you a set of Relian mascara and a very pretty handmade bross she made by her own. So talented one! :)

Well, here I go to the non-blog follower. If you get lucky enough, you can win them!
1. NYX make-up kit

2. The Crimson Amulete

3. Lioele BB Cream and OPI Nail Lacquer

4. Kleancolor Jingle Splash Nail Lacquer and Etude House Nail Accessories

Well, since I have a blog and her blog follower, so I really wish I could get lucky once more to have the opportunity of winning one of her giveaway for her blog follower. Hoho I guess I post a long one but I am sure you won't get bored because the information are a cool one. So, dolls no more waiting just jump to her blog, join the giveaway, and keep on wishing of the opportunity to win! :D

Syaifa Tania

Photograph credited to Lovely Lue

Friday, 15 June 2012

Say Hello to Paper Mad!

Hello, Dolls!

It's been too long since the last time I post. I am truly sorry for the absence of my post these days. I have been busy writing and doing some projects, so that I could not write any post to you all, dolls. Too bad, I have no time either to create new paper quilling works. Even so, I am coming back right now to share my story about "Paper Mad", a newborn paper lover community. :)

Last week, I met up some friends who I knew from their blog and facebook accounts. All of us are in love with paper and we do love to make paper-based works. Most of them love to make cards and other paper-based products with stamping technique, and the other one love to make paper-based products for kids. Reminds that we have the same interest in paper works, we initiate to make a community named "Paper Mad".  Well, actually "Paper Mad" was already begun since four of our friends participated in a craft carnival few months ago and they wonder if "Paper Mad" would be a community for every paper lover to share their interest in paper crafting and more importantly, it would be a space for us to mingle with others, so that we would be able to be friends and support each other.

"Paper Mad" committed to share goodness in supporting others to enrich their competency in paper crafting. I came up with the idea to make a monthly meeting, which one of the agenda was a thematic mini workshop for every member. For example, I will be hosting a mini paper quilling workshop for them once in month. The term hosting in this case means that I will make a demo, teach them and prepare the material. All they have to do is coming to the spot, reimburse the material expense, and try to make some quilling works. "Paper Mad" is an open group, so that we really welcome to new fellow who wants to join us.

Our friends in "Paper Mad" was really nice and friendly. They will tell you anything about your curiosity in paper crafting and they do not mind to share any tips or good place to buy good paper. Here, I attach a photo of us when we met last week. Too bad, some others did not come. :(

Well, I think enough for today. I should be back on my feet and finish my works soon. I will share more on my next post, until then I wish you all have a nice weekend, dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mathemagic: Math is Fun!

Hello, Dolls!

How are you today? I am wishing you had a really good day. As I said in my previous post, here I fulfill the promise I said to share about "mathematics simple card". Mirah and I were going to Kado Kita before we had our ultra short paper quilling course. We both loves beautiful wrapping paper, textured paper and colorful ribbon. No wonder we put Kado Kita as one of the most calming place in the world! :D

We were take a look around and my eyes seen a cute numerical wrapping paper. It is more like a wrapping paper to wrap kid's gift but I do like it. I love the combination of the numbers, colors and its glossy texture. I bought it one even actually I had no idea what to do with this paper.

On the next couple day, I came up with the idea of making mathematics card theme. I remember when I was kid, I love mathematics subject. I am not a super smart girl who is exactly excellent in math, but I do love the mathematics' magic. Since I was kid, my daddy told me about the importance of math in our life. Unfortunately, no matter how much I love math, no matter how hard I learn math, my logical mathematics' understanding ability always way lower than Dhidha's :(. You know what is the part of math that I am best of? Yes, counting the discount. LOL! :p

Even I am not a super smart mathematics girl, I would like to give an honor to all of my mathematics teachers from kindergarten to senior high. Even they may not reading this blog, I hope they will know that here is their student already growing up and no matter how many times I failed to understand some part of mathematics in past, I still love mathematics as well. :)

Here is the honor, I share my simple mathematics card!

The card is made with lettering technique, using HVS white paper strips (100gr). It covers with numerical wrapping paper and supported with a polka dot brown-white ribbon, also a red flower made by punch art. Talking about the flower, I did not punch it my self because yeah I don't have the puncher yet. LOL! I bought it from a friend of mine who sells punch art creations and scrapbook supply.

Well, enough for today. I would share more post about my paper quilling project soon. During that, I wish you all dolls are having a great day!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Card Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania

Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ultra Short Paper Quilling Course #2

Hello, Dolls!

It feels good to see you again and share something new about our paper quilling activities. Yesterday, I met my good friend when I was in junior high school, named Ninin. We were classmate on the 9th grade and I still remember we were crazy about math subject. No, I am not a super smart girl in math, but I just love it. Well, it's been a looong time since the last time I met her (maybe about 4-5 years ago) even we live in the same city and even the same university for God's sake! Although we didn't meet each other for long time but sometimes we still communicate and share some daily life stories. I have no idea how could we live a life like this. LOL! :p

So, last week she told me that she wants to learn paper quilling. Actually, I know that besides learning paper quilling, she also wants to meet me hahaha. :p

We met yesterday on a shopping mall's food court and spent some hours to talk and quilling. She is a fast learner and it's good to know that she loves crafting, too. It didn't take a long time for her to learn various technique of paper quilling. It was about five technique she learned and she did it well. She made a floral paper quilling card only in a short time. I am so proud of her! :D
(Ninin and her paper quilling card)
Remind that there are some friends who wants to learn paper quilling, I am just thinking about making a paper quilling class consist of small group of people so that everybody can learn way more comfortable. Well, I still don't know but this idea supposed to be discussed with Dhidha so that we will find the perfect form to make it real.

Enough for today and I will post about the "mathematics simple card" next time.  During that time, I hope you have a good day and keep on crafting. Good day, dear Dolls! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Created and Handmade by Arnindyah Lei
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Friday, 11 May 2012

Our Hamper of Flowers

Hello, Dolls!

How are you? I hope that all of you are in a really good condition. I got cold since two days ago and it feels bad. I got dizzy, hard to sleep, and surely I have been spending many tissues. I also bring my mini vick's inhaler almost everywhere. And by the way dolls, have you watched the avengers? I watched it two days ago and it is a really good movie. The queue was crazy, I was in line for 2.5 hours and sure I was watching the avengers while inhaling my inhaler. :p

Okay, back to the topic. As subjected, today I want to share "our hamper of flowers". Actually, I previously ever share about the picture in this post. It was the card in Mirah's hand that refers to this "our hamper of flowers". This card is already made from weeks ago but it just got captured about last week. You see any better quality of photograph than in my recent post? Sure, it was Dhidha who took the picture. Must be not me, no doubt about it. Pardon my lack of photography skill. :(
 The idea behind this card came up when Mirah told me that she wants to learn paper quilling. I was thinking that I need to share not just the very basic paper quilling technique but I need to share more. Then I made a card with various technique of paper quilling. The next question, why flowers? Well, instead of making flower in paper quilling seems to be the most common start up for beginners, it is actually influenced by my personal reason. I really love the floral paper quilling design. I grew up in a family who loves gardening and since I am not really good at it, I think making floral paper quilling are counted. :p

Jumping back to the photograph, here I share more photos from various sides. Thank you for Dhidha, my man who always dependable. I hope you all dolls enjoys the pictures.
I used some paper quilling technique in this card. To be honest, I have no idea with the technique's name other than the flower husking, beehive and combing. What makes it fun is that you can explore more technique in paper quilling so that it can encourages you to be more creative. By the way, I love the black background. I always love the black background because you can put any colors and the colors seems "alive" on it. I used cyber and deep color of spectra paper (80gsm) as the strip and black manila paper (100gsm) as the background.
Hope you have a good day, dolls and please wish me to get health soon. I don't want to deal with the tissue issue anymore. :(

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Monday, 30 April 2012

Gift to Give

Hello, Dolls!

How are you these days? I hope your days were absolutely good and full of happiness. I feel good today because I get some inspirations for my next project. Well, today I am going to share a work I made few days ago. Pardon my very poor quality of photography. The work was about to be done in a really quick time, so that I couldn't make any good shot of it. :(

Okay, as the title subjected above, this post is going to talk about a gift. Gift? Yes, it is. I am not -yet- going to make a giveaway (means that someday I will make it, I promise). This is my good friend's gift to her special person. She asked me to decorate the gift's cover so that it would look attractive.

Talking about the gift, it is extra ordinary unique. I could say that she made it from her heart. This gift is a birthday gift and she customized the book with lot writings about birthday greetings&wishes.

Actually, she gave me the gift only a day before she send the book. Such a really tight time to work, but since she is my really good friend I don't want to make her upset. I decorate the cover only in night and -again- I am so sorry about the poor quality of the shot. It was night, low light, and I only took the picture with my mobile phone device.

I put some spiraling upwards quilling made by brown jasmine paper (about 120gsm) and some half pearls to make it looked way more classy. I glued a carton paper covered with baby brown spring theme paper on the top of the "real" cover, because she didn't type any title on the front page of the book and I thought it would be much prettier if I make another base on it.

Well, I think I am done to share today. I actually made another works these days, and I will post it when I get it shot.

Good day, Dolls! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ultra Short Paper Quilling Course

Hai, Dolls!
Today I spend some hours to share paper quilling techniques with my dear friend, Mirah. She is my college friend and seriously this girl is dangerously smart, friendly, cheerful and a supportive one. If you all dolls get lucky to know this girl, you must be thinking the same about her. :)

Mirah is about to participate "Indonesia Mengajar" and she wants to share paper quilling skill with the kids there. "Indonesia Mengajar" is a brilliant program that initiating young generation (fresh graduate, less than 25 year old) who has a good academic score to be a teacher for elementary school. The school supposed to be a school that having lack number of teacher and the teacher (in this program called "Pengajar Muda") will be spread through all over Indonesia. This is seriously a good program to share goodness and happiness to the kids since they have only limited resources physically, environmentally and financially. "Pengajar Muda" will be stayed in the location for a year and it will definitely give them a lot of new experience in life. More information about "Indonesia Mengajar" could be accessed in

Well, get back to the previous. Today, Mirah and I are having lunch together and we learn paper quillling after that. I bring her a card I made that covered with flowers in various technique. I meant to show her that there are various technique in paper quilling that everybody can easily learn. So, she choose some techniques that she wants to learn then we make it. It was about five techniques and she was a fast learner. It is only a matter of practice, so I definitely sure that she will be a good paper quilling teacher as long as she practice more. :)

(Mirah with her paper quilling work and a box of colorful paper strips for the kids)
(Mirah showing my handmade card while she was doing her paper quilling work)
(paper quilling we make in various technique, some paper quilling tools, and unsticky glue)
We learn about five techniques today, the basic paper quilling technique (lose-tight quill), beehive technique, rose petal technique, and some other variations. She enjoy a lot and it is good to know that basically she loves paper and ribbon, too. She said that she collects unique wrapping paper since she was in junior high school. This is a really good point because she has other resources already to create beautiful paper quilling works as long as she can combine them.
(stack of colorful paper strips to the kids)
Remind that the location of "Indonesia Mengajar" must be not in any big cities (and Mirah said that the location is quite far from the city) it may hard for them to find any paper to be quilled. Actually, they can quill from any other materials such as unused paper, old newspaper or magazine, or maybe young coconut leaf (even it may be harder), but I am certain that the kids might be happier to quill colorful paper instead. So, I give a little gift for them, a stack of colorful paper strips. I made it last night and I was so happy to combine the colors. I hope it will bring more joy, smile, and happiness for them. I told Mirah that they may use it to make a card for their mom in "Mother's Day" for example of her program. I really hope that the kids will enjoy it and I can not wait to see their beautiful creative works.

Enough for today, I am happy and sad at the same time because Mirah will leave the city in the next four days and I will be able to meet her again next year. I hope she will be happy, stay healthy, and keep on her passion to share goodness for the kids.

I will share more in my next post, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Createad by Syaifa Tania and Mirah Mahaswari
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Very First Paper Quilling Works

Hai, Dolls!
How are you these days? I have been so busy lately, so that I couldn't have any spare time to write. I am currently making a new paper quilling work but I just don't think the result is a great one. I am so sad and I am still trying to fix it up as much as I can. :(

Since my new paper quilling work is not yet done and I still don't have any new shot of my paper quilling works, then today I am gonna share about something old, something first, something remarkable. Yes, it is my very first paper quilling works. The first paper quilling works I made by my self.

This paper quilling works are made about year ago. I remake Cecelia Crafting Creatures works because I think it has a pretty looks and way simple to make. I was having no idea about the paper strip's material, so I used some 0.5mms manila papers (about 100-120gsm) since it was the only paper in stripped size available in store. Manila paper has various deep colors, so the color are not as bright and colorful as spectra paper.

The result? For a beginner in paper quilling I don't think it is a bad one, I am pretty happy to see the result as this is the very first paper quilling works that I make. Don't compare me to Cecelia's work, seriously she is brilliant and I am just a beginner of this field. I hope I can make better and more colorful works in future.

Well, I am done for today. It's almost midnight and I need to catch the bed soon. Thank you for reading and dropping by. Have a nice sunday, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Card Created and Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Monday, 2 April 2012

I Am The Lucky Winner, Woohoo! :D

I am the lucky winner! :D

Hai, Dolls!
How are you? I am so happy today because it seems like God is really kind for giving us some gifts today! :D

You still remember the Lovely Lue bonus giveaway, right? I am the lucky winner, woohoo! I am honored to be the 1st lucky winner for Lovely Lue bonus giveaway. As described in her blog the winner is selected by the best comment and I am so happy that it means that she likes my comment. And honey, seriously everything I say was true and didn't really in purpose of winning the giveaway. I really adore her blog.

As she said, I will receive roses key-chain, Anna Sui mousepad, Jelly Foam from SkinFood, and Tomato Mask&HoneyMilk from VOV. How lucky I am. Thank God and thank you Lulu! :D

(the prize I get, woohoo!)
The truth is that this is the first time I participate on beauty giveaway and it is definitely the first time I win a giveaway. So you could imagine how happy I am, right? I can't stop smiling right now.

Well, as I said before that it seems like God is kindly gives us some gifts, the other gift is supposed to my Christa Adhi Dharma. He was so lucky to win a door prize on a basketball competition event yesterday. We were coming to support our little sister who played on the match. And back to the prize, he win a scooter-matic and this is the first time in his life he win any door prize with a big prize. Thank God, we are so thankful for these beautiful gifts! :D

Well, enough for today. I am happy and I am about to sleep right now. I hope I will have a really nice dream as I am so happy tonight. Once more, thank you pretty dolls for stay reading. Thank you Lulu for the giveaway. Thannk God for always being so kind and gives us unconditional love and bless.

Syaifa Tania

ps. I make an easter card for my best friend today. I am about to share it soon, dolls. keep reading! :D