Monday, 30 April 2012

Gift to Give

Hello, Dolls!

How are you these days? I hope your days were absolutely good and full of happiness. I feel good today because I get some inspirations for my next project. Well, today I am going to share a work I made few days ago. Pardon my very poor quality of photography. The work was about to be done in a really quick time, so that I couldn't make any good shot of it. :(

Okay, as the title subjected above, this post is going to talk about a gift. Gift? Yes, it is. I am not -yet- going to make a giveaway (means that someday I will make it, I promise). This is my good friend's gift to her special person. She asked me to decorate the gift's cover so that it would look attractive.

Talking about the gift, it is extra ordinary unique. I could say that she made it from her heart. This gift is a birthday gift and she customized the book with lot writings about birthday greetings&wishes.

Actually, she gave me the gift only a day before she send the book. Such a really tight time to work, but since she is my really good friend I don't want to make her upset. I decorate the cover only in night and -again- I am so sorry about the poor quality of the shot. It was night, low light, and I only took the picture with my mobile phone device.

I put some spiraling upwards quilling made by brown jasmine paper (about 120gsm) and some half pearls to make it looked way more classy. I glued a carton paper covered with baby brown spring theme paper on the top of the "real" cover, because she didn't type any title on the front page of the book and I thought it would be much prettier if I make another base on it.

Well, I think I am done to share today. I actually made another works these days, and I will post it when I get it shot.

Good day, Dolls! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Ultra Short Paper Quilling Course

Hai, Dolls!
Today I spend some hours to share paper quilling techniques with my dear friend, Mirah. She is my college friend and seriously this girl is dangerously smart, friendly, cheerful and a supportive one. If you all dolls get lucky to know this girl, you must be thinking the same about her. :)

Mirah is about to participate "Indonesia Mengajar" and she wants to share paper quilling skill with the kids there. "Indonesia Mengajar" is a brilliant program that initiating young generation (fresh graduate, less than 25 year old) who has a good academic score to be a teacher for elementary school. The school supposed to be a school that having lack number of teacher and the teacher (in this program called "Pengajar Muda") will be spread through all over Indonesia. This is seriously a good program to share goodness and happiness to the kids since they have only limited resources physically, environmentally and financially. "Pengajar Muda" will be stayed in the location for a year and it will definitely give them a lot of new experience in life. More information about "Indonesia Mengajar" could be accessed in

Well, get back to the previous. Today, Mirah and I are having lunch together and we learn paper quillling after that. I bring her a card I made that covered with flowers in various technique. I meant to show her that there are various technique in paper quilling that everybody can easily learn. So, she choose some techniques that she wants to learn then we make it. It was about five techniques and she was a fast learner. It is only a matter of practice, so I definitely sure that she will be a good paper quilling teacher as long as she practice more. :)

(Mirah with her paper quilling work and a box of colorful paper strips for the kids)
(Mirah showing my handmade card while she was doing her paper quilling work)
(paper quilling we make in various technique, some paper quilling tools, and unsticky glue)
We learn about five techniques today, the basic paper quilling technique (lose-tight quill), beehive technique, rose petal technique, and some other variations. She enjoy a lot and it is good to know that basically she loves paper and ribbon, too. She said that she collects unique wrapping paper since she was in junior high school. This is a really good point because she has other resources already to create beautiful paper quilling works as long as she can combine them.
(stack of colorful paper strips to the kids)
Remind that the location of "Indonesia Mengajar" must be not in any big cities (and Mirah said that the location is quite far from the city) it may hard for them to find any paper to be quilled. Actually, they can quill from any other materials such as unused paper, old newspaper or magazine, or maybe young coconut leaf (even it may be harder), but I am certain that the kids might be happier to quill colorful paper instead. So, I give a little gift for them, a stack of colorful paper strips. I made it last night and I was so happy to combine the colors. I hope it will bring more joy, smile, and happiness for them. I told Mirah that they may use it to make a card for their mom in "Mother's Day" for example of her program. I really hope that the kids will enjoy it and I can not wait to see their beautiful creative works.

Enough for today, I am happy and sad at the same time because Mirah will leave the city in the next four days and I will be able to meet her again next year. I hope she will be happy, stay healthy, and keep on her passion to share goodness for the kids.

I will share more in my next post, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Createad by Syaifa Tania and Mirah Mahaswari
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Very First Paper Quilling Works

Hai, Dolls!
How are you these days? I have been so busy lately, so that I couldn't have any spare time to write. I am currently making a new paper quilling work but I just don't think the result is a great one. I am so sad and I am still trying to fix it up as much as I can. :(

Since my new paper quilling work is not yet done and I still don't have any new shot of my paper quilling works, then today I am gonna share about something old, something first, something remarkable. Yes, it is my very first paper quilling works. The first paper quilling works I made by my self.

This paper quilling works are made about year ago. I remake Cecelia Crafting Creatures works because I think it has a pretty looks and way simple to make. I was having no idea about the paper strip's material, so I used some 0.5mms manila papers (about 100-120gsm) since it was the only paper in stripped size available in store. Manila paper has various deep colors, so the color are not as bright and colorful as spectra paper.

The result? For a beginner in paper quilling I don't think it is a bad one, I am pretty happy to see the result as this is the very first paper quilling works that I make. Don't compare me to Cecelia's work, seriously she is brilliant and I am just a beginner of this field. I hope I can make better and more colorful works in future.

Well, I am done for today. It's almost midnight and I need to catch the bed soon. Thank you for reading and dropping by. Have a nice sunday, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Card Created and Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Monday, 2 April 2012

I Am The Lucky Winner, Woohoo! :D

I am the lucky winner! :D

Hai, Dolls!
How are you? I am so happy today because it seems like God is really kind for giving us some gifts today! :D

You still remember the Lovely Lue bonus giveaway, right? I am the lucky winner, woohoo! I am honored to be the 1st lucky winner for Lovely Lue bonus giveaway. As described in her blog the winner is selected by the best comment and I am so happy that it means that she likes my comment. And honey, seriously everything I say was true and didn't really in purpose of winning the giveaway. I really adore her blog.

As she said, I will receive roses key-chain, Anna Sui mousepad, Jelly Foam from SkinFood, and Tomato Mask&HoneyMilk from VOV. How lucky I am. Thank God and thank you Lulu! :D

(the prize I get, woohoo!)
The truth is that this is the first time I participate on beauty giveaway and it is definitely the first time I win a giveaway. So you could imagine how happy I am, right? I can't stop smiling right now.

Well, as I said before that it seems like God is kindly gives us some gifts, the other gift is supposed to my Christa Adhi Dharma. He was so lucky to win a door prize on a basketball competition event yesterday. We were coming to support our little sister who played on the match. And back to the prize, he win a scooter-matic and this is the first time in his life he win any door prize with a big prize. Thank God, we are so thankful for these beautiful gifts! :D

Well, enough for today. I am happy and I am about to sleep right now. I hope I will have a really nice dream as I am so happy tonight. Once more, thank you pretty dolls for stay reading. Thank you Lulu for the giveaway. Thannk God for always being so kind and gives us unconditional love and bless.

Syaifa Tania

ps. I make an easter card for my best friend today. I am about to share it soon, dolls. keep reading! :D