Friday, 15 June 2012

Say Hello to Paper Mad!

Hello, Dolls!

It's been too long since the last time I post. I am truly sorry for the absence of my post these days. I have been busy writing and doing some projects, so that I could not write any post to you all, dolls. Too bad, I have no time either to create new paper quilling works. Even so, I am coming back right now to share my story about "Paper Mad", a newborn paper lover community. :)

Last week, I met up some friends who I knew from their blog and facebook accounts. All of us are in love with paper and we do love to make paper-based works. Most of them love to make cards and other paper-based products with stamping technique, and the other one love to make paper-based products for kids. Reminds that we have the same interest in paper works, we initiate to make a community named "Paper Mad".  Well, actually "Paper Mad" was already begun since four of our friends participated in a craft carnival few months ago and they wonder if "Paper Mad" would be a community for every paper lover to share their interest in paper crafting and more importantly, it would be a space for us to mingle with others, so that we would be able to be friends and support each other.

"Paper Mad" committed to share goodness in supporting others to enrich their competency in paper crafting. I came up with the idea to make a monthly meeting, which one of the agenda was a thematic mini workshop for every member. For example, I will be hosting a mini paper quilling workshop for them once in month. The term hosting in this case means that I will make a demo, teach them and prepare the material. All they have to do is coming to the spot, reimburse the material expense, and try to make some quilling works. "Paper Mad" is an open group, so that we really welcome to new fellow who wants to join us.

Our friends in "Paper Mad" was really nice and friendly. They will tell you anything about your curiosity in paper crafting and they do not mind to share any tips or good place to buy good paper. Here, I attach a photo of us when we met last week. Too bad, some others did not come. :(

Well, I think enough for today. I should be back on my feet and finish my works soon. I will share more on my next post, until then I wish you all have a nice weekend, dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Photographed by Syaifa Tania