Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lovely Lue's 700 Followers Giveaway! :)

Hai, Dolls!

It's time to Lovely Lue's 700 Followers Giveaway! Yup, the pretty lady, Lulu Putri Wijaya is holding a giveaway again. Again? Yes, again. She loves to share and  held giveaway for many times. I wrote some of them in my blog in here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. See, what a kind heart person she is! :D

Well, now she is holding a giveaway to celebrate her 700 blog followers. 700? Wow, it is a huge number. Seriously. I still remember that I follow her blog on March last year and now the blog is already having 700 followers, wow! I do believe that a blog which contain great contents, share great ideas and tips, and inspiring must be able to attract many user to follow the blog. And of course, the blog owner must be able to build mutual conversation, dialogue, and interactivity with their followers. Lulu did the job very well and I really really learn from that. I hope that I can do the same. Be more productive in my blog, post regularly, and maintain mutual relationship with the followers. *tears drop*.

Okay, I stop babbling and get back to the topic. As my previous statement, Lulu is holding a giveaway and it is open for anyone to participate as long as you guys follow the rules. And here are the rules:
1. Surely you have to follow her blog. Yes, this giveaway is about blog followers, so you have to follow her blog.
2. If anyone of you guys are having instagram account, you should follow her in her instagram account (luluharry) and her cute son's account (masonrayleelyon). Right after you follow them, you have to tag them so that Lulu can put your name on her list. Anyway, do you know that she is a mommy already? Yes, she is a mommy of an adorable son, named Mason. What I like for the most is she has a baby already but she still looks like a girl. She is pretty, having the shape, and of course she is a great mommy. Seriously, I want to be like her, pretty and get back in the shape after giving birth my future kids. Amen. Well, okay continue to the rules.
3. Write a post in your own blog about "10 things you know about her" and "15 things she likes". After you write it, you have to share your post in your Facebook account.
4. If anyone of you guys are having Keek account, you should follow her in her keek account (luluharry).
She will pick three winners of blog post, one winner of instagram, and one winner of keek. The prize? Oh seriously dear, you don't have to ask. One thing you should know for sure is that anything, I am telling you anything she gives as the gift are awesome. I prove it twice! LOL! But I do, it is true. The three winners of blog post will have voucher to shop in Palacio de Bella each IDR 500K and the winner of instagram and keek will receive her handmade things. I don't have to say anything about her handmade. All you have to do is just visiting her blog and you will say nothing but "WOW!".

(Lulu's Little Family: Baby Mason, Lulu's Husband, Lovely Lulu)

Okay, back to the giveaway. Talking about "10 things you know about Lulu", if you guys are ever reading her blog you will find that she is really open and true to her self. And it makes me a little confuse how to summarize her self in 10 things only hahaha but here I am trying to figure it out (It is going to be a long long loooooong post seriously):
1. She is a pretty lady who loves God and her family to the death.
It is no secret any more that Lulu is a pretty lady. Everybody knows it, realize it, and admit it. She always looks gorgeous, pretty, and fashionable in any given moment. But, she is not just having a pretty face. She is really affectionate specifically to her family. She loves her family so much, so that she can do anything, sacrifice everything for her family. As I know she adore her mom so much, she wants to be as great as her mom, and I am sure she will. She will be a great mom for Baby Mason. She is also loving her husband really much. Many times she writes about how thankful she is and how in love she is with her husband. What makes it real sweet is that his husband also really open to show his love to her. Lucky wife! She also loves her sister, brother, and in-laws. And she is really close to her granny (amah). Lulu (who was born in Halloween day) really close to her granny, when she was kid she always seek her granny becuase her granny let her to consume instant noodle. You should follow her instagram and see that how close they are. And most of all, she loves God really much. She is sure that everything that ever happened to her life is happening as what God planned already. She said that all that matters is being a good person who scare of God and follow His rules
2. She is a genius awesome adorable professional make up artist.
Another no secret, she writes in her bio that she is a professional make up artist. The best graduate of International Beauty School of Martha Tilaar, the most prestigious beauty school in Indonesia. She was not just a talented and passionate student, but also a lovely and friendly person. She is a supportive friend (it showed from her attitude of defending her friend when her friend got intimidated from other person. you can read it here) and she is friendly yet stylish because she knows everyone in her school, make friends with a lot person, and stylish because she does care about her appearance.
3. She loves doing something beautiful. Make the world become beautiful. The person and things inside it.
She is beautiful and she loves everything to be beautiful. She has a really pretty face, great taste and style, awesome skin. She loves to decorate her house and things and makes it real better. She loves to craft and turning old things into a new beautiful stuff. And she make it her self! She loves to make other people beautiful directly and indirectly. Directly by make up-ing them with beautiful colors and indirectly by asking everyone to be a better person.
4. She is a true person. It is better to be hated of being true instead of being loved but fake.
Her line of "better to be hated of being true instead of being loved but fake" is still fresh on my mind. I do agree and favourite this line. She is truly shows her self, she doesn't care if any other people dislike or even hates her. She might ever be the person who got many problems when she was in school but the best part is she never feels intimidated. Well, it turns me into an idea of asking her if she ever wants to share how to avoid any bullies in school. I didn't say that she might be the victim of bullying but I am sure that she can be a motivator yet inspiring our teenagers outside how to love your self, be confidence, and avoid any bullying issue.
5. She is a great cooks!
I never taste her cooking before but since she posts many of her cooks, I am sure that it will taste real delicious. She ever said that her mom taught her and her siblings to be able to cook so that they could keep their health and avoid any MSG/re-used oil that probably being used by any restaurant. She cares about health not just her self but also for her family and other people. It shows from her really loooooong request when she&her husband was having dinner at restaurant. She asked the waitress to use no MSG and re-used oil for their dishes. She shared it through her blog and asked all the readers to avoid MSG and re-used oil since it is dangerous for the health. But what I like is she doesn't force her life style to others. If other people doesn't want to follow her life style then it is fine for her. Well, talking about MSG, she also didn't drink (avoid/lower the frequency of consuming) any soda and instant noodle since it contains MSG. But, since instant noodle is delicious sometimes she can't help her self for consuming. :p
6. She is a royal and generous person.
Some of you guys must be feel so "WOW" when you read about her make up haul. All those fancy things and adorable stuffs she bought must be shocking. Be honest, some of you guys must be ever wondering how much money did she spend to buy them all, and some of you guys may ever be thinking that she just want to show off her fancy stuffs, the worst some of you guys maybe jealous on her. But guys, seriously you just have to see from different perspectives. Instead of she loves the brand and stuffs, she is a professional make up artist. So, it is understandable for her to have a lot of make up stuffs. And do you think she just show off? I don't think so. It is proven that she is a generous person. How many times did she hold any giveaway moment? And based on my experience, she gave good stuffs in good quality, so it is not true if you guys think that she just show off. I do disagree.
7. She loves to share.
She loves to share, it is undoubtedly. What I mean here is not that she loves to share her stuffs in giveaway but she loves to share her life, experience, and tips. Whenever I read her blog it feels like a friend of mine (though we never meet in person yet) is talking to me. Sharing her life, her experiences, and tips about everything. How many times did you see her self sharing her personal life stories and it turns you into nothing but feeling entertained and laugh. She can tell her stories in funny ways! She also loves to share her experience when people asks her about her experiences/opinion towards something. She also loves to share tips, how many times did you see her post about tutorial in make up or crafting post? I talked to her and asked her some things about crafting and make up, and she answered it in detail. I really like and appreciate it!
8. She is a Movie Freak.
She and her husband are a couple who loves to watch movies. They always go to watch good movie anytime the theatre plays it. When there isn't any good movies, they will watch bluray in their house. She loves any kind of movies and serial especially the Korean and Hollywood. Some facts about movies, she and her husband are having hard drive that contains numbers of great movies. Other fact (and it is quite funny), when they watch movies there are remote around them and when they watch movies it will spread anywhere. So, Lulu made a DIY box to place the remote. The great part is that Lulu made the box from recycling her lamp's boxes. She turns the old box into an adorable one!
9. She Has a Beautiful Fairy Tale Wedding.
Anyone who ever read her post about her wedding must be happy and envy at her at the same time. She has a REALLY beautiful wedding. She had her dreams came true. She had a groom who loves her and her family unconditionally. She had her dressed designed and sew from her favourite fashion designer, Seba. She had her make up her self. Oh this part is really great, I was so shock when I know this. She did it very well. It is unusual for a bride doing her make up her self but she does and it was greeeeeeat! She had the lace and roses she loves as the decorations on her wedding. She was surrounded by her family and friends at her happiest moment. She had her prewedding photo session dreams came true. She wanted to be able to have her prewedding photo in Jeju Island, South Korea and it came true! And it is completed with her honeymoon trip in Maldives. She is a really lucky person, she is blessed, and even though her life seems like living in fairy tale but she is a down to earth person. She never meant to be an arrogant person.
10. She Used to be a Tomboy Girl.
I wasn't believe if she did not tell us her self in her blog. She said that when she was in senior high school, she used to ride a motorcycle. She did not want to take her car and ride the bike her self. I just could not believe that she ever be a tomboy girl but it was true! Unfortunately, she got an accident and injured. :(

Well, talking about Lulu is not enough if it is only in 10 points. But we have to jump to the next topic, the "15 things she likes". It is another not easy thing to do because she loves many things but here I try to summarize it up.
1. Rose and Lace!
Rose and lace are the things she definitely likes. It shows in everywhere, in her blog design, pictures, stories, creations, etc. She loves lace accent on her stuff (you know, her wedding dress are great and full of lace), she loves any roses to be in her house. She decorates her house with rose arrangement, rose decorations (she made some DIY door and car accesories) from imitation rose and handmade ribbon roses. She is so sweeeeeeet!
2. Teddy Bear
Teddy bear is another thing that she likes. I don't know for sure about the number but I am sure that she has manyyyyyyyy teddy bear dolls in her house. As I remember, she also put some teddy bear dolls in Baby Mason's room.
3. Crafting
No wonder, she loves crafting really much! She likes to recycle old things and decorate it into a new one. She likes to make any pretty handmade stuff such as jewelery (I personally love her tutorial about how to make handmade pearl and ribbon necklace), recycling old hat into a new one, mirror (oh I adore her creations!), hair pin (the rose ribbon tutorial, thank you Lulu!), storage boxes (she inspires me to make any storages that is made of recycled stuff), etc. Some of her friends ever asked her whether she will sell her handmade or not. She said that she is not going to sell it yet, but maybe next time she will. She also made some crafting stuff such as table lamp, door accesories, and drawers for her sis&mom-in law birthday gift. She is so creative and I do agree the word she said that "creativity is no limit".
4. Perfume
She loves perfume! You should read her post and you will be amazed when you stare on her perfume collections. She loves to collect and use perfume. As she loves rose, she likes her perfume to be designed and/or consist of rose fragrance. There are numbers of perfume she has, but she has some favourite perfumes such as Princess by Vera Wang, Chance by Chanel, Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui, Guilty by Gucci, Rose Essentialle by Bvlgari, Rose Glacee by Armand Basi, and Parisienne by YSL which she likes for the most.  5. Pearl and Bling
She likes pearl and bling! As you can see in most of all handmade she makes there will always be pearl or bling. I personally like pearl because of its colour and I think it is pretty to be putted in anywhere. It will makes your handmade creation become way prettier. About bling? Yes she loves bling. Some people doesn't like or perhaps they just don't brave enough to use bling, but Lulu loves it! She can put bling into her accessories or her creations and it looks stylish yet glamour. I love the way she cover Swarovski in her iPhone case, it is full of bling. Seriously, it is so glamorous and pretty! :)
6. Bird Nest and Her Beauty Routine
Lulu is a pretty girl who is taking care of her beauty both internally and externally. Internally, she always consume juice (especially tomato juice) and mineral water. She also consume bird nest which is really good for your health. Bird nest is not only good for people who got cough, prevent cancer, and contains antioxidan, but also really good for your skin. Bird nest will be able to moisturize your skin. Lulu always consumes the bird nest in a cup three times a week. No wonder she has a great skin! For externally, Lulu always uses sunscreen anytime she goes out and has her spa routine once in two week. She loves to take her spa in Martha Tilaar Spa because their treatment is good and suitable for her. Some treatment package she loves such as Balinese Coconut Treatment, Chocolate Rose Treatment, and Dewi Sri Body Bliss.
7. Cat Eyes, Urban Decay, and Bobbi Brown
Lulu loves to make up, it is no secret. She loves to make up her eyes and she loves to apply cat eyes on her eyes. When I say she loves, I mean that she really really really loves it! I could say that cat eyes is one of her signature make up. She does it perfectly, guys! Talking about make up on eye, she loves some brands about eye make up such as Urban Decay and Bobbi Brown. She likes Urban Decay for her eyeshadow base and Bobbi Brown for gel eyeliner. She feels that those brands are suit for her and I think she doesn't want to move to another brand. :p
8. Anna Sui
Talking about brand, another brand she loves is Anna Sui. She really really really loves Anna Sui. Besides loving their product quality, she also loves the rose design in Anna Sui's packaging. If I am not mistaken, she has a glass cupboard that display her Anna Sui collections and guys seriously it is soooooooooooooooo pretty! Some of her Anna Sui favourite stuff are shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, and lip crayon. I personally ever won one of her giveaway and received an Anna Sui mousepad. My opinion? It is pretty and classy! I love the design, it is so girly even its background is black. Love!
9. Photography
She loves photography as she took her photography course in Darwis Triadi, one of the best photographer in Indonesia. Her photography works are great! Sometimes she use her Nikon D700 or iPhone camera to capture the beauty of everything. I personally envy of her photography ability. I really really want to be able to take good photos also because it will help me much to capture the good side of my creation. Too bad, I am not so good in taking photograph. Lulu's photos are awesome, besides it, she has a great taste, artistic and esthetic. I am seriously envy with her ability. LoL!
10. Cooking
As a great mom and wife, Lulu is great in cooking! If you follow her instagram or keek account, seriously her food photography will turn you into famine. You will instantly feel hungry because the food seems delicious. With her great ability of photography, she capture the photo of her foods artistically. 
12. Handcream
She loves handcream! As I know, she already tried some brands of handcream but there are nothing compare to her killer handcream. Seriously, Lulu is not only pretty but also genius. She makes her own handcream that consists of rose, chamomile oil, and some ingredients from France and Germany. Too bad I lose on her previous killer handcream giveaway. I was dying to have it actually. Anyway, I used to be a person who doesn't really care with hand treatment but since Lulu post about handcream and its importance, well now I am a person with a big love to handcream. Thanks, Lulu!
13. Adrenaline Seeker
Lulu is a pretty, classy, elegant, smart, and adrenaline seeker lady! Wow! It surprised me to know that she is an adrenaline seeker. She loves to play roller coaster and any other attraction that brings her into an adrenaline moment. I don't know what to say but seriously I am shock hahahaha.
14. Dog
Lulu loves dog and puppies. As I remember, one of hers (or her sister's) name is Pixie (who lives in Ketapang) and her own dog's named is Gaby. She used to have a dog named Bobby but he was dead when she was in junior high school. I actually afraid of dog but I love the way Lulu dressed up Pixie and Gaby. They are so funny! :)
15. Lovely Lace
Nah, as the person who loves lace really much Lulu loves the Lovely Lace. Lovely Lue's name is inspired from Lovely Lace, place that perhaps become one of her heaven on earth. She loves the pretty stuff that they sell. I never go to Lovely Lace before but I am sure to death that I will like it! :D

Talking about Lulu is not enough in 15 points and I can't help my self to talk more about her hehe. So, here are some extras:
16. Nail Polish and Nail Art
Lulu loves her nail to be polished! I consider I never she her photos without nail polish. Her nail always be polished and sometimes covered by nail art. I do not know how could she be soooooo nearly perfect. She can make up her face, has gorgeous skin, cook delicious foods, create pretty stuff, good skill in photography, and make beauuuuuutiful nail art. Sooooooo gorgeous!
17. Aurora Borealis
She loves aurora borealis soooooo much. Well, who doesn't love? Hahaha it is soooo pretty.
18. LOL!
I never meet her in person but I am sure she is a funny girl because she loves to say "LOL!" in almost all of her post! Seriously, there will always "LOL!" there. LOL! 
19. True Person
She likes person who is true. No hidden agenda, no drama, no fake empathy, she loves people who is truly show their self. She hates haters and copycaters.
20. iPhone
Who doesn't? Hahaha. She loves her iPhone. She has BlackBerry and iPhone but she loves iPhone more (even if she ever had her really old BlackBerry that she still keeps). iPhone is the real smartphone for her.
21. K-Pop
She likes Korean music and drama series. She is a fan of Big Bang and she has Korean drama collections since yeaaaars ago. She also likes the make up of Korean star.
22. Movies
She loves movies. Her husband loves movies. As I said in my previous post, she loves movies reaaaaaaaaaaaaally much.

Well, I know this post is really really really long. But here it is. Ready to be read finally (ps. it takes day to make this post hahaha). Thank you very much for your attention and don't forget to join the giveaway, dolls! Good luck!

Syaifa Tania

Ps. All pictures in this post belong to the intellectual property rights of Lulu Putri Wijaya

Saturday, 4 May 2013

3D Paper Quilling Dolls: Chinese New Year!

Hello, Dolls! 

It's been months I don't write anything. It seems cliche but it does, works are getting busier and I don't have many times to do some paper quilling activities. Too bad. Yes, I know.

Recently, I am doing many things. Besides working, I am currently preparing my self to take my master degree in this September. I hope I can keep my health (physical and psychological), my works, and my academic life in balance. I am about to pursue my master of art degree and taking communication studies as my major. 

Back to the quilling issue, I just open this site and find a comment from Adhiraacreations about my paper quilling works which was ordered from our post-graduate student. I visit to Adhira's blog and I do admire the creations. They are all adorable, especially the post about wedding cards and gift.

When I visit Adhira's blog, I find out that Adhira is holding a giveaway for the blog anniversary. First of all, I would like to congrats Adhira about the anniversary. May the blog inspires paper quiller from all around the world.

Related to the giveaway above, I would like to participate. The rule of this giveaway is no rule! Surprise? Yes! This giveaway is open for anyone in the world. All you have to do is create anything but the project should have any paper quilling decorations in it. So, here I post my paper quilling works. Hope you guys like it. :)

I made 3D paper quilling. They are paper quilling dolls dressed in Chinese dress. I actually made it for Chinese New Year and I just post it now.

Well, enough for today. I should do something else and I hope to be able to post anything any more real soon. Until then, keep healthy and avoid to sleep late. It is definitely not good for your health.

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania