Friday, 27 July 2012

Lovely Lue Giveaway: Part II

Hello, Dolls!
How are you? Been a long long long time I did not post anything. Pardon my super busy schedule, I currently doing some research project that is super exhausting and taking my time a lot so that I can not quill as much as before. Anyway, I love my job as a researcher as well as I love crafting some paper quilling projects.

Well, today I drop by to share a really good news from our dear fellow, Lulu who is currently holding an interesting giveaway for us, dolls. Previously, she already held a similar giveaway and thank God I got lucky to have the opportunity of winning one. Too bad there was an error occurred on the site so that there was a little complication happened but we definitely okay and found out that there was only a technical problem issue. Lulu is a very nice one, she kindly shares her expertise about make-up in her blog (and also her personal life that could make every girl in this world get jealous on her, LOL!) and previously I ever talk with her in facebook discussing about some make-up technique. She really a good one, she answers all my questions clearly and nicely so that the solution is crystal clear for me. :D
I personally start reading her blog on March 17, 2012 (Eps 18) when she held her first giveaway. I knew her blog from a friend who I followed and she shared about Lulu's giveaway in her blog. My friend's post update appeared on my blog's dashboard and Lulu's giveaway photos was totally caught my attention. I love the composition of the photos and the angle of the shoot either (no doubt about it, I recently knew from Lulu's facebook bio that she was learning photograph in her college life so that no surprise she could take a lot of good picts. I seriously mean it, dolls) so I decided to open Lulu's blog and seriously it surprises me that the blog is awesome. It still fresh in my mind that it was almost midnight when I firstly read her blog and I could not get enough, I could not stop. I read her previous posts about her make-up tips, information, personal life, and DIY crafting project. Sounds like I am stalker huh? LOL! But seriously, once you read her blog I am not sure that you can stop.

Okay, jumping back to the topic. Lulu is currently holding a giveaway for her blog followers and non-blog friends. Wohooo, she is adorable and a nice one, isn't she? yes, I told you, dolls! :D
So, Lulu is making giveaway for five winners who are her blog followers and four others for friends who has no blog but dropping by to read or kindly leave comments on her post. NINE lucky winners, baby! Oh my God it is a big number of winner, seems like she wants to please everybody by making a bigger opportunity for every friends to win her interesting gifts. Seriously the gift are extremely interesting and I have no idea what would the winner will feel if she ever wins them. There are lot of prizes. Okay, I repeat once more A LOT of prizes, and I seriously mean it when I say it. Well, here I told you about her giveaway prizes for blog followers:

1. Skin Care and Make-Up Set from Estee Lauder
I am totally speechless. It definitely interesting and I guess everyone want to own it. It consists of moisture rich foaming cleanser, wrinkle reducing&anti wrinkle creme, eye shadow, lipstick, body cream&regard divin divine eyes from L'occitane. Sounds interesting? Yes, it definitely does.
2. A box of make-up mix with pretty accesories
Another speechless, the gift are interesting either. She kindly gives Victoria Secret eye shadow, Etude nail polishes, mascara from Benefit, Urban Decay lipgloss, SkinFood over powder glitter, PM&Elise fake eyeshadow, nail stickers, Revlon nail polish, Benefit girls meets pearl, rings and bracelet. Oh my God, they are totally pretty because it packed on a pretty box handmade by her self. Seriously I almost lost my words to tell you how excited I am writing this post.
3. NYX Book of Eye Shadow in 112 Gorgeous Shades
This is pretty, sooooo pretty! I wish this is the kind of book that I have to read when I was in school, LOL! Seriously, there so many colors so that you can create make-up experiments as much as you want!

4. A pouch of mix make-up
Another speechless and this is nice! She kindly give a Victoria Secret make-up pouch, Etude nail polish, shimmer, Lioele BB, Whitening&Wrinkle Lioele. It is a simple but gorgeous kit to bring in everywhere.

5. Mascara and accessories
Last but not least, simpler but cute! She gives you a set of Relian mascara and a very pretty handmade bross she made by her own. So talented one! :)

Well, here I go to the non-blog follower. If you get lucky enough, you can win them!
1. NYX make-up kit

2. The Crimson Amulete

3. Lioele BB Cream and OPI Nail Lacquer

4. Kleancolor Jingle Splash Nail Lacquer and Etude House Nail Accessories

Well, since I have a blog and her blog follower, so I really wish I could get lucky once more to have the opportunity of winning one of her giveaway for her blog follower. Hoho I guess I post a long one but I am sure you won't get bored because the information are a cool one. So, dolls no more waiting just jump to her blog, join the giveaway, and keep on wishing of the opportunity to win! :D

Syaifa Tania

Photograph credited to Lovely Lue