Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Paper Quilling: Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

Hello, beautiful dolls!

It has been a really long time since my last post. I would like to say, "Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai". Wishing you and your family a very healthy, wealthy, happy, and prosperous year. In Indonesia, Chinese new year also mostly known as "Imlek" and it's celebration was banned due to previous government rule. However, since the government regime shifted in 2000, up to today Chinese family in Indonesia are free to celebrate Chinese new year.

I always love to celebrate any special days, so does Chinese new year. Since we have many Chinese family, friends, and relatives, I make a little greeting by using paper quilling card. It take only take two days to make the whole part of the card. For the base of the card, I use my old stock of friends' wedding invitation. I wonder since it is not possible for me to keep all the invitations then I better recycle than throw it away. So, here is some shots of them.
Chinese new year 2015 is the year of wooden goat. Prediction say that the year of goat will lead us to relatively stable health throughout year. I'm actually not a type of fortune teller-things person but if the predictions say good things then let's be happy and wish for it to be come true. Well, since 2015 is the year of goat then I make figures of goat in my paper quilling. I hope it still looks like a goat, LOL! :))
So, that's all I can share for now. I hope you like my works. Stay healthy, stay pretty. See you again, Dolls in my next post, and last but not least Happy Chinese New Year! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photo by Christa Adhi Dharma & Christa Satria