Monday, 29 October 2012

Lovely Lue Birthday Giveaway! :D

Hello, Dolls!

Its been a long long looong time I did not write any. Seriously, I have to beg for your apologize because I did not even write any and truth is I am so busy, truly busy until I don't think I can even move. :(

This month, our office is holding an event named Festival Kreatifa 2012. This is a creative advertising festival consist of some related programs such as advertising competition for students, advertising&enterpreneurship conference, social media management and branding workshop, advertising exhibition, also awarding night. We are collaborating with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economics to hold the event and seriously we are sooooo busy.

Besides holding Festival Kreatifa 2012, we also collaborate in a fiction publication mapping which is held on 12 cities around Indonesia. I just get back from Surabaya, East Java last week to host the event. Previously, already held in Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Denpasar. This week, we will hold the event on Padang and will be scheduled on the next other cities. Besides holding those events, I currently writing a research journal and to be honest all of the works are taking a lot of my times and energy so that I didn't make much paper quilling works these days. :(

Truth is, I actually making some new stuffs but too bad I didn't copy the file from Dhidha's camera yet so that I couldn't post anything new. Well, I made some paper quilling works these days and I promise to upload it soon.

Well, today I am going to share another giveaway from our dear pretty dolls, Lovely Lue. Yes, she is holding a giveaway again! Yeay, I still remember how happy I was when she wrote about my winning on her previous giveaway, yeay! When I receive the gift, I am so surprised because all the gifts are so pretty and adorable. I couldn't ask for more because I love all the stuffs she gave. The Lioele BB Cream are so adorable, either the Etude nail polishes. And now she is coming back hosting a giveaway for her birthday! :D

Kind a little different than her previous giveaway, in this time Lulu is not only give the opportunity to choose the gift we like but also ask us to create and/or write something about the gift we choose. She gives us three options about the gift. The first one is bird nest (sarang walet), the second one is Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette, and the last but surely never least craft equipment. Sounds delicious, right? :D

If she usually ask us to write down about the giveaway and tell one or two about her blog, now she also challenges us to create something about the gift we choose! :D

She lets us to choose which gift we love the most then we have to accept her challenge. If you choose the first give then you have to write down the reason why do you follow her blog, why do you choose the gift, and write down your ideas about bird nest. Either with the other two gifts, she asks us to write down the reason why do you follow her blog, why do you choose the gift, and create a cat eye look (if you choose the NAKED 1 Palette) or post your DIY craft creations (if you choose the Craft Equipment). For detail information you can easily check it out in her pretty blog

And yes, I am joining her giveaway with this blog. Related to the gifts, I choose the third one, Craft Equipment! Sure, I love crafting and this gift is extremely tempting! :p

(Lovely Lue Birthday Giveaway)
Well, here we go. I choose the third give and I am going to start all her questions. First, she asked why do I follow her blog? Simply, because her blog is inspirational and awesome! I am not lying, her blog is so pretty. I love the layout design, I love the pictures she posts, and above it all I love her blog's content. She shares a lot about beauty and make up, DIY craft, tips, and some of her personal life. Truth is, she is inspirational. I personally a big fan of craft and she gorgeously can creates a lot of craft works and kindly share it to us. I love her tips and tutorial and I love her creativity. I definitely agree about her words that creativity is no limit. She is totally right and true! :D

Talking about her blog and the reason why do I follow her blog also lead us to the next question, why do I choose this gift? Well, because I love crafting and her gift offer are soooo gorgeous! The pearls and roses are extremely tempting. I think if I get this gift and I have enough free time I could not stop crafting! :p I am a big fan of her craft works. I admire and respect her works when she makes something simple transform to be a really pretty works. You can see it directly on her works when she turns the simple box to be a gorgeous multi function storage, from newspaper to be a car accessories, ribbons to be a pretty door accessories, paper to be a pretty cosmetic storage, and so on! Seriously, you wouldn't be able to stop. :p

Well, talking about her craft equipment, when I was winning her first giveaway, she sent me a box covered with pretty golden ribbon. When I touch the ribbon, the material is a really fine one. It is smooth and unlike other ribbon that is having different textures in its two sides, Lulu's ribbon is having a really good quality and smooth textures on both sides. I was so curious where to get the same ribbon as hers. I went to some gift shops and found out only one ribbon available. The shopkeeper told me that the ribbon isn't sold in Jogja and she has to import it from Surabaya. I don't have to think further to buy some and I love the ribbon so much! Thank you, Lulu for introducing me to this pretty ribbon! :)

As I said previously, Lulu is challenging us to share/post some of our DIY craft creations. Too bad I did not share any new works but here I still share some of my paper quilling cards and flower wreath to be the entry of this giveaway. :D

I don't know whether I will have the opportunity of winning again or not but I love to try. Wish me luck, dolls! :D

Last but surely not least, I am going to say Happy Birthday, Lulu. You are a really inspirational&nice person, thank you for sharing all the goodness and wish you all the healthy pregnancy&easy deliver. And also, I wish you all the goodness and happiness. :)

Syaifa Tania

Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma
Photographed by Lulu Putri Wijaya