Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Man's Birthday Card

Hai, Dolls!
It is Saturday night and mostly people go out for date, dine out, or family bond. Tonight, I am just at home with my little sister because our parents are having a trip outside the town. Well, let's call tonight as "ladies night" on here.

Today, I am going to share a birthday card that I make to my man, Christa Adhi Dharma. Actually, his birthday was on January 15, but I just get to share the card right now.

Talking about the card, it is quite different than my other cards because I apply the lettering technique to be the center of attention on this card. Mostly, I use floral decoration to decorate my cards but this one is exceptional. I prefer lettering technique because honestly I have no idea about man's birthday card. It supposed to be something simple, minimalist and no floral attached. Well, even sometimes, I think that floral things are still okay to be put on man's birthday card decoration as long as you can make it looks not so girly. And here we come with the card!

Actually, I firstly did not come up with this idea. I was thinking to letter his full name on the card's cover and decorate it with some swirl accent. I was also thinking that it would be lettered with any brown or gold color of paper. But, darling unfortunately all the things I thought could not be realized. It was any printing process issue that makes me could not print his name on my selected paper. The paper was too thin, so that my printer could not roll it well. :(

Other problems, came out on his full name that is long enough to be printed on medium size font. I have tried and it did not look good to make an ultra-sized birthday card. So, I tried to print in on smaller size font and the silliest part was that I got trouble with the lettering process because it was too small! I almost gave up, but thank God I did not. So, I came up with the idea of print his nickname -that surely must be shorter than his full name- and letter it up. Right after the idea came up, I go ahead and made it wrapped!

Well, even it was not as good as I imagine before but I was so happy to make my handmade birthday card for him. From the first time, I always try hard to make his birthday card by my self and I just remember that last year it was because of his birthday too I learn paper quilling. Sounds like I am a hopeless romantic huh? Yes, I am. :D

After all, the works was worth. He likes the card and when I show it to other people as I am looking for comments, they say they like it. Some of them also ask me the instruction on lettering the card, then now I come up with the idea on what if I make some tutorial?

Well, enough for today. Enjoy your Saturday night, Pretty Dolls! :D

Syaifa Tania

Birthday Card Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

Friday, 30 March 2012

Lovely Lue Bonus Giveaway

Hai, Dolls!
Today I am still going to share a good news for us because miss Lovely Lue gives us an extra! What kind of extra? She gives us a bonus giveaway. The giveaway would be given for those who doesn't win on her first mini giveaway. She will choose two lucky winners who will received two packages of pretty giveaway from her. Such a kind girl! :)
(Bonus Giveaway for 1st Winner)
(Bonus Giveaway for 2nd Winner)
Well, all you have to do guys is just jump on here and follow the rules. And lucky me, one of the rules is that we have to share our knowledge about her blog. This is interesting because I am just about to write up and featured her blog so that you all darling could catch up with her personally and read a lot about her post. Seriously, this girl is such a friendly person. I prove it.

Talking about her blog, mostly she writes about make up tips and her make up kits. Her self's positioning as make up artist and cosmetics lover definitely shown up on her blog. She writes a lot about make up tutorials in detail, easy to understand way, and of course completed with photos on each step. This is what makes me happier and way more comfortable to read on her blog instead of another beauty or make up articles. Lue's photos explain each step of her tutorial so that you guys could imagine the make up process in crystal clear way. You can easily duplicate her step and instantly you will have your different pretty looks because honestly I appreciate her make up works, they are SO pretty!

Besides sharing about make up tutorial, she also shares about any cosmetics information. She told us what inside her make up storage. She explains the "plus and minus" as recommendation for us. She also very creative and this is the most lovable part, she shares us about any DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects like pretty necklace, garland, make up storage, and what I love the most is the lovely door accessories which is the idea is almost likely the same as my paper quilling flower wreath.  Of course, the result is different because she made it from ribbons and mine are made from paper. But the idea behind is almost the same and I really like it! :D

Sometimes she also shares about her personal life like her family and her experience on cooking -and I guess she will write up about baking cake as she said she loves it :p-. Somehow I wonder from her statements that maybe people say something bad about her life behind, maybe some people are envy on her life, but I adore her confidence to ignore them and keep on enjoying her life. And this is what I want to say to Lue, darling seriously you have a really good life and some people may envy on you. Just ignore them, you are going to be their target but never let your self to be their victim. I support you! :)

Enough for today and pretty dolls, I am going to make a birthday card to our younger brother's birthday tomorrow. I will let you know the card right after my Christa Adhi Dharma get it shot. Why should we wait until he get it shot? Oh shut up, seriously my damn low skill in photography would not make you enjoy the card's photo. So just let's get it to the expert.

Syaifa Tania

Thursday, 29 March 2012

March Giveaway - Lovely Lue

Hai, Dolls!
How are you? Today, I was busy for hosting a book roadshow but it was totally fun. Wish your day would be as fun as mine! :)

Today, I -still- want to share a giveaway information for March. This time, the giveaway is quite different than usual because I do not share any paper quilling, paper craft, or crafting giveaway. This time it would be the pretty accessories giveaway!

Some of you guys maybe asking, "Why it is the pretty accessories giveaway this time? Don't this blog focused on paper quilling?". Yes, Dolls. Definitely this blog's positioning is paper quilling blog but seriously, Dolls the accessories are really pretty. Besides that, the Fimo stick -one of this giveaway prize- could be used for your card making.

Well, the giveaway is held by Lovely Lue and open until April 2, 2012. Lue is a Make Up Artist and she loves cosmetics so much. This lovely wife also definitely a creative person. She kindly shares any Do It Yourself (DIY) project that you guys can make it, too! Her DIY works are totally awesome. I seriously interested in one of her DIY make-up storage. I can't wait to make it some and decorate it with some pretty paper quilling stuff.

For this giveaway, Lue will select two lucky winners to receive their prizes. Lue gives two prizes, the first consist of Pearl Accessories, and the second consist of handmade hairpin and Prada mini perfume. Here they are!

(Mini Giveaway for the 1st winner)
(Mini Giveaway for the 2nd Winner)
Pretty, right? So, don't waste your time. Jump on here, follow the rules and wish to be the lucky winner! :)

Wish you have a really great day, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Giveaway from FlaPer Craft! :D

Hai, Dolls!
How are you? These days I have been busy so that I could not share any paper quilling works that I made. By the way, I made our 45th months anniversary card and I will share it right after I get it shot.

While waiting the card to be shot, I will share an interesting information from Vina - FlaPer Craft. Lovely Vina once again host a giveaway for us! I couldn't be more than happy to know that she held this chance again since I was unlucky on her previous giveaway.

For this March giveaway, Vina kindly give the lucky winner a paper quilling kit consists of 1 paper quilling needle, 1 scissors, 1 white glue, 1 tweezers, 8 packs of quilling paper, embossed paper, paper card, and tag. It is definitely a perfect package for everyone who loves quilling, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or even advance. Sounds good, right? So, Dolls don't waste your time. Jump on here, follow the rules, and wish to be the lucky one! :D

(Vina's March Giveaway)

I really wish that I would be the lucky one this time. If I'm not, well at least I feel happy already to share this good news for you all, Pretty Dolls!

Well, its been midnight in here. Time to catch the bed. Thank you for stay reading, would love to share more. Good night, dear dolls. Good night, universe! :)

Syaifa Tania

Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Cousin's Quilled 4th Months Anniversary Card

Hai, Dolls!
I spent my day by making a monthlyversary card for my cousin. Before this she ever asked me to make her third months anniversary card and now she ask me again to make her fourth months anniversary card. Surprisingly, her monthlyversary is on the same day as her birthday. So, I guess tomorrow will be her nicest day because she can celebrate her birthday and monthlyversary at the same time. Hmm... and maybe she can celebrate her pregnancy, too. Must be a good day for her tomorrow! :)

Back to the business, she asked me to make a smaller size card and she also required me to put any red colors on the card. Unfortunately, when I checked back on my crafting tools, I only have limited red item to be quilled. So, I pushed my self to be way more creative to fulfill my cousin's requirement. And this is it, instead of making any ordinary basic shape of paper quilling, I make some roses that used a little different technique of quilling.

The card is about 12x15cms and I used different kind of paper on it. I used thick cartoon paper for the base, covered with brown spring paper. I love this kind of paper, looks like there are embossed spring theme on it. I used red manila paper for the roses. Pink executive card for the anniversary greeting, green spectra for the leave and cream spectra for the swirl.

 Well, I guess you all, dolls can figure it out right now that if you ever found that there are terrible , low lighting and low quality of photography works around this blog, it must be my self who captured. My man is not physically around me right now and the card is about to get picked up soon, so I capture it and well you know, it is not as good as my man's works. :(

Looking back on her third monthlyversary card, she asked me to write down her personal message for her husband, but for this card she told me that she will hand write her personal message. And yes honestly, I am wondering what message she would write to her husband. LOL! :p

Well, that's all for today. I will share more about my next paper quilling works and I start to think whether we would make some paper quilling tutorials. What do you think, pretty dolls? And oh by the way, I use my new slotted needle tool to quill this card. Finally, it is used and unsealed! :D

Syaifa Tania

Monthlyversary Card Created and Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Hai, Dolls!
Thank God it is Friday already! This week is incredibly busy and many works had to be done. But however today is Friday, means I will have two days free and I am completely happy because my man is coming over for weekend, woohoo! :)
Well, since I was busy this week and seriously I feel like I am lack of energy so I did not have any free time to make some paper quilling works. Ironically, last Monday I just -finally- bought a slotted tool for paper quilling needle and still it is laying down in my pencil case, sealed! How sad it is? :(

Even so, I will still share my previous paper quilling work to you all, Pretty Dolls! I made a birthday card for my man's mom on January 18th. Her birthday is on the same month with my man, my younger sister, my cousin and my aunt. Seriously dolls, can you imagine how broke I would be if I should buy them all any gift? LOL!

Back to the business, for my man's mom birthday I made a fine pinky birthday card. The card is consist of rounded curl, round birthday wishes, and paper quilled flowers. I used the thickest carton paper as the base, then I covered it with diamond paper in pearly color. This diamond paper is my favorite. I really love the texture, the color, and its look of elegant. For the birthday wishes I used executive paper and I used spectra paper in rose color for the paper quilling. I also made the envelope from the diamond paper and actually there was supposed to be a small ribbon on the left side. But unfortunately, the ribbon was disappeared when we were about to take a shot of it. So, dolls this is it!

Beside gave her a birthday card, of course we bought her any gift. We bought a classy yet stylish purse for her. Honestly, I adore this purse so much and I really want to buy one, too! LOL! We hope she likes the purse and the card.

Well, I think I already talk so much. So, I am done for today. Going to catch the bed and I hardly can not wait for tomorrow because my man and I will visit some nice places to hang on! Have a great weekend for you all, Pretty Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Birthday Card Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma