Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Cousin's Quilled 4th Months Anniversary Card

Hai, Dolls!
I spent my day by making a monthlyversary card for my cousin. Before this she ever asked me to make her third months anniversary card and now she ask me again to make her fourth months anniversary card. Surprisingly, her monthlyversary is on the same day as her birthday. So, I guess tomorrow will be her nicest day because she can celebrate her birthday and monthlyversary at the same time. Hmm... and maybe she can celebrate her pregnancy, too. Must be a good day for her tomorrow! :)

Back to the business, she asked me to make a smaller size card and she also required me to put any red colors on the card. Unfortunately, when I checked back on my crafting tools, I only have limited red item to be quilled. So, I pushed my self to be way more creative to fulfill my cousin's requirement. And this is it, instead of making any ordinary basic shape of paper quilling, I make some roses that used a little different technique of quilling.

The card is about 12x15cms and I used different kind of paper on it. I used thick cartoon paper for the base, covered with brown spring paper. I love this kind of paper, looks like there are embossed spring theme on it. I used red manila paper for the roses. Pink executive card for the anniversary greeting, green spectra for the leave and cream spectra for the swirl.

 Well, I guess you all, dolls can figure it out right now that if you ever found that there are terrible , low lighting and low quality of photography works around this blog, it must be my self who captured. My man is not physically around me right now and the card is about to get picked up soon, so I capture it and well you know, it is not as good as my man's works. :(

Looking back on her third monthlyversary card, she asked me to write down her personal message for her husband, but for this card she told me that she will hand write her personal message. And yes honestly, I am wondering what message she would write to her husband. LOL! :p

Well, that's all for today. I will share more about my next paper quilling works and I start to think whether we would make some paper quilling tutorials. What do you think, pretty dolls? And oh by the way, I use my new slotted needle tool to quill this card. Finally, it is used and unsealed! :D

Syaifa Tania

Monthlyversary Card Created and Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

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