Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Man's Birthday Card

Hai, Dolls!
It is Saturday night and mostly people go out for date, dine out, or family bond. Tonight, I am just at home with my little sister because our parents are having a trip outside the town. Well, let's call tonight as "ladies night" on here.

Today, I am going to share a birthday card that I make to my man, Christa Adhi Dharma. Actually, his birthday was on January 15, but I just get to share the card right now.

Talking about the card, it is quite different than my other cards because I apply the lettering technique to be the center of attention on this card. Mostly, I use floral decoration to decorate my cards but this one is exceptional. I prefer lettering technique because honestly I have no idea about man's birthday card. It supposed to be something simple, minimalist and no floral attached. Well, even sometimes, I think that floral things are still okay to be put on man's birthday card decoration as long as you can make it looks not so girly. And here we come with the card!

Actually, I firstly did not come up with this idea. I was thinking to letter his full name on the card's cover and decorate it with some swirl accent. I was also thinking that it would be lettered with any brown or gold color of paper. But, darling unfortunately all the things I thought could not be realized. It was any printing process issue that makes me could not print his name on my selected paper. The paper was too thin, so that my printer could not roll it well. :(

Other problems, came out on his full name that is long enough to be printed on medium size font. I have tried and it did not look good to make an ultra-sized birthday card. So, I tried to print in on smaller size font and the silliest part was that I got trouble with the lettering process because it was too small! I almost gave up, but thank God I did not. So, I came up with the idea of print his nickname -that surely must be shorter than his full name- and letter it up. Right after the idea came up, I go ahead and made it wrapped!

Well, even it was not as good as I imagine before but I was so happy to make my handmade birthday card for him. From the first time, I always try hard to make his birthday card by my self and I just remember that last year it was because of his birthday too I learn paper quilling. Sounds like I am a hopeless romantic huh? Yes, I am. :D

After all, the works was worth. He likes the card and when I show it to other people as I am looking for comments, they say they like it. Some of them also ask me the instruction on lettering the card, then now I come up with the idea on what if I make some tutorial?

Well, enough for today. Enjoy your Saturday night, Pretty Dolls! :D

Syaifa Tania

Birthday Card Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

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