Friday, 17 August 2012

Lulu's Giveaway Part II: Announcement! :)

Hello, dolls!

Today is the last day of fasting and tomorrow we will have eid al fitr (in Bahasa Indonesia we called it Idul Fitri or mostly known as Lebaran). This is the holy day for moslem and since my country is dominated with moslem (but still I love the multiculturalism we have and how we appreciate others who have different religion and/or beliefs with us) the routine before the day is so hectic. Many people will go back to their hometown (we called it with "mudik"), meet up with their big family, and preparing eid al fitr. Usually kids will buy new stuff (mostly fashion items), while mothers will bake or prepare some cakes and foods. The "must serve" cakes are nastar -cake filled with jam, mostly pineapple jam- and kastengel -cheesy cake-, while the "must serve" foods are opor ayam -chicken braised with coconut milk-, and ketupat -packed rice-. When the day comes, people will go to the mosque to have pray, meet up with family, relatives, and their neighbors asking for their apologize, and the kids will have "money tip" -things like angpao in Chinese"- from the older family. Since the eid al fitr is a big day here and many people go back in their hometown so the traffic is almost getting you all crazy. This is a special moment so people wouldn't mind to get stuck in traffic for hours just to meet up with their family.

Some companies use this moment to make some brand activation and CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities to get in touch with their customers. Mostly, people who run business in automotive industry will be busy holding some activities like building rest areas, holding "mudik" events for their employees and/or loyal customer, etc. Since my man is currently working in an international automotive industry, he will be super busy holding the events.

Oh ya, yesterday was the day of our independence day. After being colonized for about 353.5 years, we finally free and yesterday we celebrate our 67th years of freedom. We have two national ceremony, in the morning to turn up the flag and in the afternoon to turn down the flag. I personally join two ceremonies, in the morning I participate in digital ceremony (this is unofficial ceremony, held digitally so that people around the world could participate) and national ceremony in Presidential Palace in the afternoon. The most interesting part of the ceremony was that the flag will be turned up by "Paskibraka" who are consist of  selected senior high school students from all around Indonesia. My man was a commandant of Paskibraka in 2006 and currently his sister belongs to Paskibraka this year. This is sooo exciting! :)

Well, I guess things I said is not telling you yet about the title of this post. LOL! Okay, jumping to the topic. Few days ago I post about Lulu's Giveaway Part II and thank God I got lucky of winning one, again! :D

She choose about 30 finalists selected then she picks the winner randomly to keep her objectivity. Thank God I got lucky to win one of the gift. Here they are! :D
(the gift I will receive form Lulu's giveaway. Consist of Victoria's Secret make up pouch, Etude nail polish, shimmer, Lioele BB, Lioele Whitening&Wrinkle. Can't wait to receive it! :D )
This is my second time of winning her giveaway. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity of winning. She is so generous! She inspires me a lot especially with her handmade craft and accessories. If we live in a same city perhaps I will learn a lot of make-up tips from her. I hope she will held any giveaway again so that everyone can join and may have the opportunity of winning. :D

Anyway, I am currently joining August Challenge in Mbak Dwita's Facebook. I joined the July Challenge last month and I already received the goodies she sent. I will post and share more about it on my next post while waiting my man to have a way more relax time so that he can shoot it in good angles. :)

Stay inspiring and keep on sharing goodness, dolls! I'm sending all my best wishes for your eid al fitr day and I am sorry for all the mistakes I did.

Syaifa Tania

Photo by Lulu Putri Wijaya

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Flower Meets Pearl

Hello, Dolls!

Life has been so busy these days. I finally finished some of my research works so that I can back on this blog to share my new creation. I actually made it last month but since this is an entry for a challenge therefore I am just being able to publish it now.

I made a simple card with three quilling flowers and four golden pearls. Too bad I did not glue the pearls precisely so that there is a pearl in sideways. :(

I cover the card with broken white tatami paper. You can said that tatami paper is my favorite paper. I love the texture and color. Previously I made lot of cards with tatami paper, one of them is when I made a birthday card for my man's mother last January.

Talking about this card, I love the quilled flowers. I used 3mm paper strip (80gs) in purple and ivory, make some eye and half moon shaped then combine it into petals. I add a dark brown manila paper punch-out border for the under-side layer. I also add four golden pearls on the right side of the card. These days I really love to combine my quilled creations with pearls. Guess I need to buy more pearls to be put on my cards. :p

Well, dolls I think it's enough for today. I need to wake up earlier tomorrow for fasting -and off course I have to go to my office tomorrow- so I need to catch my bed super soon. Oh ya, does the picture looks pretty? Haha no wonder, my man did the shoot so that the pictures are beautiful. If I did the shoot, no wonder it would be much uglier. LOL!

I will see you on my next post. Perhaps I will share about my handmade graduation photo album -still in tatami paper and quilled creations-. Until then, have a good day and keep on sharing all the goodness! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Cards Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma