Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Very First Paper Quilling Works

Hai, Dolls!
How are you these days? I have been so busy lately, so that I couldn't have any spare time to write. I am currently making a new paper quilling work but I just don't think the result is a great one. I am so sad and I am still trying to fix it up as much as I can. :(

Since my new paper quilling work is not yet done and I still don't have any new shot of my paper quilling works, then today I am gonna share about something old, something first, something remarkable. Yes, it is my very first paper quilling works. The first paper quilling works I made by my self.

This paper quilling works are made about year ago. I remake Cecelia Crafting Creatures works because I think it has a pretty looks and way simple to make. I was having no idea about the paper strip's material, so I used some 0.5mms manila papers (about 100-120gsm) since it was the only paper in stripped size available in store. Manila paper has various deep colors, so the color are not as bright and colorful as spectra paper.

The result? For a beginner in paper quilling I don't think it is a bad one, I am pretty happy to see the result as this is the very first paper quilling works that I make. Don't compare me to Cecelia's work, seriously she is brilliant and I am just a beginner of this field. I hope I can make better and more colorful works in future.

Well, I am done for today. It's almost midnight and I need to catch the bed soon. Thank you for reading and dropping by. Have a nice sunday, Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Card Created and Handmade by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma

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