Monday, 30 April 2012

Gift to Give

Hello, Dolls!

How are you these days? I hope your days were absolutely good and full of happiness. I feel good today because I get some inspirations for my next project. Well, today I am going to share a work I made few days ago. Pardon my very poor quality of photography. The work was about to be done in a really quick time, so that I couldn't make any good shot of it. :(

Okay, as the title subjected above, this post is going to talk about a gift. Gift? Yes, it is. I am not -yet- going to make a giveaway (means that someday I will make it, I promise). This is my good friend's gift to her special person. She asked me to decorate the gift's cover so that it would look attractive.

Talking about the gift, it is extra ordinary unique. I could say that she made it from her heart. This gift is a birthday gift and she customized the book with lot writings about birthday greetings&wishes.

Actually, she gave me the gift only a day before she send the book. Such a really tight time to work, but since she is my really good friend I don't want to make her upset. I decorate the cover only in night and -again- I am so sorry about the poor quality of the shot. It was night, low light, and I only took the picture with my mobile phone device.

I put some spiraling upwards quilling made by brown jasmine paper (about 120gsm) and some half pearls to make it looked way more classy. I glued a carton paper covered with baby brown spring theme paper on the top of the "real" cover, because she didn't type any title on the front page of the book and I thought it would be much prettier if I make another base on it.

Well, I think I am done to share today. I actually made another works these days, and I will post it when I get it shot.

Good day, Dolls! :)

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Syaifa Tania

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