Friday, 11 May 2012

Our Hamper of Flowers

Hello, Dolls!

How are you? I hope that all of you are in a really good condition. I got cold since two days ago and it feels bad. I got dizzy, hard to sleep, and surely I have been spending many tissues. I also bring my mini vick's inhaler almost everywhere. And by the way dolls, have you watched the avengers? I watched it two days ago and it is a really good movie. The queue was crazy, I was in line for 2.5 hours and sure I was watching the avengers while inhaling my inhaler. :p

Okay, back to the topic. As subjected, today I want to share "our hamper of flowers". Actually, I previously ever share about the picture in this post. It was the card in Mirah's hand that refers to this "our hamper of flowers". This card is already made from weeks ago but it just got captured about last week. You see any better quality of photograph than in my recent post? Sure, it was Dhidha who took the picture. Must be not me, no doubt about it. Pardon my lack of photography skill. :(
 The idea behind this card came up when Mirah told me that she wants to learn paper quilling. I was thinking that I need to share not just the very basic paper quilling technique but I need to share more. Then I made a card with various technique of paper quilling. The next question, why flowers? Well, instead of making flower in paper quilling seems to be the most common start up for beginners, it is actually influenced by my personal reason. I really love the floral paper quilling design. I grew up in a family who loves gardening and since I am not really good at it, I think making floral paper quilling are counted. :p

Jumping back to the photograph, here I share more photos from various sides. Thank you for Dhidha, my man who always dependable. I hope you all dolls enjoys the pictures.
I used some paper quilling technique in this card. To be honest, I have no idea with the technique's name other than the flower husking, beehive and combing. What makes it fun is that you can explore more technique in paper quilling so that it can encourages you to be more creative. By the way, I love the black background. I always love the black background because you can put any colors and the colors seems "alive" on it. I used cyber and deep color of spectra paper (80gsm) as the strip and black manila paper (100gsm) as the background.
Hope you have a good day, dolls and please wish me to get health soon. I don't want to deal with the tissue issue anymore. :(

Syaifa Tania

Paper Quilling Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma


  1. very pretty!!
    Nati from Brazil

    1. thank you very much, Nati. nice to meet you. :)

  2. Very beautiful and bright! I love how you used so many quilling techniques, you did a great work!


    1. thank you very much, Manuela. I am highly flattered. nice to meet you. :)

  3. keren banget mbak Tania ^^ saya juga suka sama karya mbak eh btw di mana nih mbak jogjanya.. kapan2 kita bikin acara bareng yuk.. seru kali yaaa

    1. halo, terima kasih ya apresiasi dan kunjungannya. :) aku di deket babarsari, kalau kamu dimana? iya ayo kapan yuk bikin acara bareng. banyak lho temen-temen crafter yang di jogja. :)