Friday, 24 February 2012

February Giveaway: FlaPer Craft - Vina

Hai, Dolls!
Today I would share something different than usual! Well, if I usually post about my paper quilling works, today I would share a post about Indonesian paper quiller, Vina who gives a giveaway for February. This chance will be closed on February 29, so I feel like I am so luck for finding her post since February 29 is only five days left.

So, what is the giveaway? She gives many things for the lucky winner. At least, there are emboss paper, flower punch art and flower border available. Those giveaway would definitely makes your card looks so fun, colorful and pretty. Seriously, I really want to win this giveaway since I never have any emboss paper before and it is quite hard to find it here. How does the giveaway looks like? Be ready, Dolls. This is it! :)

Honestly, this is my very first time in participating any giveaway or competition. Before this, I only look around and thinking that I will participate in any competition that gives a giveaway as the prize. Unfortunately, previously I was so busy so that I never be able to deal with them. So, since this is my very first time in any kind of giveaway, I really really really wish that all the luck would be mine.

Oh, I can't hardly wait to get the announcement. Wish me luck, Pretty Dolls!

Syaifa Tania

ps. besides having a blog, Vina also has an online shop that sells any paper quilling and card making tools. feel free to visit and/or purchase some at Flaper Craft. :)

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