Sunday, 5 February 2012

Flowers in the Garden

Hai, Dolls!
Today I share you the "Flowers in the Garden" birthday card. I made it as our younger sister birthday card on September last year. The funniest part, she is only one day difference with my birthday. I have my birthday on 29th and her is 30th, it is so much fun to share birthday wishes almost in same day!

It was her 16 years old birthday. Here, people agree that a person could be classified as an adult when they enter their 17th birthday. 17 years old means a lot, well at least you can get your own legal ID card, driving license, and it also means that you don't need your family identity card or your parents permission if you want to process something like banking procedure for example. And oh yes, by being 17 you can watch any kind of television programs or movies that is subjected for adult. LOL! Sometimes, some people think that 17 is a special age and it supposed to be celebrated in special celebration, too. That is what people called as "sweet seventeen".

Since our younger sister is 16 years old, means that she will have her "sweet seventeen" next September. Honestly, I already thinking and trying to find what kind of gift would be suitable for her special birthday.

Well, jumping back to the birthday card. Last year, I was looking for some ideas for her birthday card. Since I learned paper quilling, I have been trying to make the birthday card or another greeting card by my self. I want to make sure that everybody I love would receive a special and "one and only" card for their special moments. And for your information, paper quilling birthday card is not always available here since the price is quite expensive.

While looking for some ideas for our younger sister birthday card, I -as usual- got inspired with Claire's paper quilling works "Flower in The Garden" and I try to duplicate it with any improvisation in some places. So, this is it!

I used spectra paper color (80gs) and messy paper. Too bad, I do not know exactly the detail information about messy paper, but it is way thicker than spectra. I guess it is about 100 - 150gs. Talking about paper characters, spectra paper is way thinner and have range of different colors. Then messy is way thicker and way more expensive than spectra. I love the messy, but unfortunately I only can find messy in big modern bookstore.

Well, I think I am done for today. I would love to share more paper quilling works with you, dear!

Syaifa Tania

Flower in the Garden Card Handmade and Created by Syaifa Tania
Photographed by Christa Adhi Dharma


  1. very pretty. love how you arrange all colors in this creation.


  2. Thank you, you inspired me to recreate this card. It came out beautiful